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agricultural survey services

UAV Ontario: Affordable Agricultural Survey Service

One of the most critical aspects of farming is planning. This includes planning how to prepare your land, plant and harvest your crops, etc. In the past, only farmers with experience could easily achieve this, leaving the inexperienced ones to guesswork. Fortunately, things have changed, and technology has risen to make things easier. One of these is using an agricultural survey with the help of a company like UAV Ontario.

Experienced Agricultural Survey Specialists

UAV Ontario is an experienced drone survey company that provides agricultural surveys. Our specialists can help you survey your land and give you designs that will improve your crop yields. We begin our process by evaluating your land and present farming practices. The aim of this is to find out how you can improve and boost your output when the season ends.

When you call on us for your agricultural surveys, our results are always accurate regardless of the weather. This is because we employ NDVI imagery and Infrared imagery to get the best results. Our specialists can also complete agricultural surveys for furrow irrigation, drainage, contours, land levelling, etc. With the data we provide, you can accurately map your land, prepare for the next season and design your fields for the best crop output.

Already in the planting season and having problems with pests? Not, to worry as our preventive drone surveys can help. Our experts can quickly survey your land to find pests that are causing problems so you can quickly eradicate them. This easy option helps you protect your farmland and profit without spending too much. Connect with us today, and let us provide you with accurate data that will help scale your farm!

aerial survey york region

UAV Ontario: The Most Reliable Company for Your Aerial Survey In York Region

When carrying out a standard aerial survey, the surveyor will have to navigate through all the aspects of the land.. Even though this is not so bad, imagine how time-consuming it will be if you have a huge expanse of land? More time means more money out of your. This, coupled with the possibility of injuries, is why you need a drone aerial survey company like UAV Ontario. 

How We Do Aerial Drone Survey In York Region

When you choose UAV Ontario for your aerial survey in York Region, you cut the time by more than half and save costs. Additionally, there is less possibility of injuries and errors during the mapping, and you will get more accurate results. This is because we take the mapping to the air with the use of drones. With this, we can accurately map even the most difficult to access areas in half the time – and without danger to anyone!

Our certified UAV operators are skilled in providing accurate mapping results regardless of the terrain. It does not matter where the land is that you want to be mapped, as our experts can navigate the most outrageous terrains. We have the most recent drones in the industry with features like near infrared imaging. With this, we can get accurate results even in areas covered by vegetation and other obstacles. 

Our clientele consists of those in Construction, Farming, Energy, Erosion Control, and many more. This means regardless of your line of business; we are your best bet for your aerial survey in Ontario. Do you have a tight budget? Then not to worry. Our aerial survey York Region service is very flexible, and we can come up with a plan for you. Contact us for your drone services in York Region and let us provide you with the best aerial survey possible.

Drone Survey

High Quality Drone Survey Service

View the completed map here.

What if you could sit back, relax, and let a professional company help you with all your drone survey needs? There are many steps involved in setting up a new structure, and one of these involves proper mapping. Making use of the best tools to survey a landscape is important as it determines how much resources would be deployed to the projects to avoid wastage.

When it comes to drone mapping, there are lots of factors to consider. First, the quality of the drones used. Quality determines output, and if money would be spent to deploy resources, then having the best drones for the survey would not be a bad idea; it is a must-have.  The next factor is the nature of the company handling the project. It is best to check the records of a drone survey company to see if they have what it takes to deliver excellence and quality. This is why at UAV Ontario, we ensure that we are transparent from the very beginning by providing past testimonials from real clients we have worked with within the past.

The benefits of hiring a professional company for your topographic mapping cannot be overemphasized as the benefits outweigh the cost. Firstly, you will save lots of costs and prevent unnecessary expenses that could have been avoided if you had the right information. Also, you won’t have to have to get worried over the quality that would be delivered to you, as the guarantees offered by UAV Ontario is enough compensation.

You will also be able to make informed decisions that will hasten your projects, help you meet your targets, and so on. 

At UAV Ontario, we offer the best drone survey services for all our clients by providing quality orthographic images to cover all the necessary angles. We leave no stone unturned and understand the needs of our clients, as we are given to the code of professionalism at all levels.

Do you need a professional drone survey company for your next project?

Get a quote now.

Drone Video Ontario

UAV Ontario: Drone Video Ontario

We cannot deny the fact that drones have played a vital role in giving us some of the most spectacular footage today. Special moments are now forever moments as you can now keep those moments in high-quality format thanks to our drones. From the aerial view to excellent Drone video in Ontario, we have got you covered.

UAV Ontario is your best bet concerning high-quality aerial views captured with drones and high-quality footage. Talk of experience, and you bet we’ve got it! We’ve worked with tons of clients and met their diverse needs – we’re ready to meet your goals and go beyond your expectations. Do you need drone video production, video marketing, etc.?  We’ve got what you need.

We know that sometimes having just video production doesn’t cut it, that’s why we also offer additional services. To your Drone video In Ontario, we also add perfect elevations, perfect-angle capturing, and precise shots. Our experts also specialize in editing videos so you could have the most enhanced videos as the final product.

We follow a customer-centered work ethic, and all our experts are well-trained to carry you along and make you feel involved. We don’t just rush to the lab for editing; we present you with the unedited copy of the video so you can decide the parts you wish to keep. The result of our partnership will be that you only get to keep the parts you want.

We cover a wide range of industries with our video services in Ontario. However, we also provide quality drone video in the York region. In every region we cover, we render services to industries like roofing contractors, real estate, movie production, etc. Our equipment makes our work easy and smooth, as they are easy to set up; our drones are also residential-areas friendly as they are discreet.

You can bank on us to give you the best Drone videos in Ontario with our skilled photographers and pilots, coupled with standard equipment.

Reliable Drone Survey in Ontario

If you have a real estate property consisting of high-rise buildings, it can be a nightmare to get a proper Aerial view. If you decide to get the view with inexperienced hands, it could lead to a disaster. Instead of this, a better option will be to get a professional company for drone survey in Ontario like UAV Ontario.  

Drone surveys are faster and safer methods of getting aerial videos and images of structures. They don’t put anybody at risk, and the result is of higher quality than other typical options. However, even if you choose this method, you need a specialist to get the best results. 

UAV Ontario is a leader in the field of drone surveys in Ontario. Our experts can provide you with precise aerial surveys for your commercial and industrial development. These include site reports, inspections, and many others. 

Our specialists are well trained to fly drones in any condition or scenery. This means it does not matter where your structure is situated. You will get the kind of orthomosaic images you desire. We can output your project and imagery in various formats, including: 

  • JPG
  • LAS
  • XYZ 
  • DXF 
  • PDF Export
  • and more!

Using our georeferenced images, you can get an image that comes with real-world coordinates. This will make it easier for you and anyone else to locate your property via the images we provide. 

Would you prefer a video of your structure instead? Then fret not, as our experts have you covered. Our UAVs come with recent onboard image stabilization that helps in creating high-quality videos. 

Before we make the final cut, we will bring you the draft to determine the parts you want or don’t. By the time we are done, you will have excellent footages that will suit your needs. 

Contact us today for your drone survey in Ontario, and let us provide you with outstanding results!

Drone Video in Ontario

UAV Ontario: Drone Video Ontario

Drones are the source of some of the most intriguing footage we have today. From capturing that special moment to getting the perfect aerial view, UAV Ontario has got you. We are the go-to option for your excellent drone video in Ontario.

We have worked with a wide range of clients offering drone video services for personal events, concerts, video marketing and so on. Regardless of the event that requires an aerial video to give an aerial perspective we have you covered.

We also offer additional services for your drone video in Ontario. These services include perfect elevations, precise shots, and capturing the right angles. We also have experts who specialize in video editing to ensure you have correctly enhanced and touched up videos.

Or experts let you feel involved and carry you along. After we take a video, we bring to you the unedited copy, so you can choose the parts you want to keep. From our collaboration, the final result of your drone video in Ontario will be of only parts you love.

Our video services cover a variety of industries in Ontario. Some of these include movie production, residential and commercial real estate, and roofing contractors. Our equipment is easy to set up, and our drone aircraft are discreet and suitable for residential areas. Regardless of the industry you belong, so long as you need a drone service, we have you covered.

You can trust that you will get quality services from the very best drone pilots and photographers. Allow our team of skilled experts take charge and provide you with superb drone video service like you have never seen before. Make memories the easy way and choose UAV Ontario today! You will be glad you did.

UAV Ontario: Drone Mapping in Ontario

Drone mapping in Ontario is a great way to get aerial data without putting yourself in danger. Mapping with drones is a concept known as Photogrammetry. It is the science of using photographs to make measurements. The results usually come in a 3D model, map, or measurement of a real-world scene or object. In most cases, it is usually a building or construction. This is what makes it ideal for getting Aerial data for your structure.

With the right company for drone mapping in Ontario, you can get accurate aerial surveys for industrial or commercial development. These include site inspections, reports, and many more. UAV Ontario is a leading company that can help you achieve this.

Our expert UAV pilots can aid you with any aerial tasks using our experience in georeferencing and sensors. We offer a broad range of mapping services and aerial surveying to the engineering, mining, construction industries. Our specialists provide photo surveys for your projects using our modern technology and drones.

We can provide aerial images, 2D and 3D models, and maps to offer drone information for progress monitoring. What you get when you choose us for your aerial mapping in Ontario is nothing but the best.

It does not matter how large your property is, either. Our experts can still capture your huge property with accuracy and detail. We use recent software to create numerous drone photos to provide you with the best orthomosaic mapping in Ontario.

Want a video instead? Not a problem as our UAVs have on-board image stabilization that can help create HD videos. This is the case regardless of the weather conditions as our UAV cameras are packed with protective covers. Our skilled experts always ensure you get the ideal results and help edit the footage to produce a result you find satisfactory.

If you want the best drone mapping in Ontario, UAV Ontario is the option for you need. Reach out to us today for the most affordable quotes.

Drone Video

4K Drone Video Services

4K videos are the norm for some people. However, many people seem to prefer lower resolutions like 1080p and below. This may seem like a good idea considering lower resolutions may take less space. However, there are a few benefits you are missing out if you are not using 4K videos. Some of these are:

  • 4K videos look better: This is simple. 4K means higher resolution, which will pass your information better in cleaner and more appealing videos.
  • Better Scalability of videos .
  • Ability to better stabilize the footage in post-production.

If you choose to move to 4K videos, you still need to pick from the numerous drone video services available.  One of your best options is UAV Ontario, a skilled video service that can shoot videos in 4k.

Unlike many others, our UAV video operators have the appropriate license and insurance to operate. This means you get full coverage in the event of accidents – of which we have none, our flight record is pristine.

We also offer fast turnaround time without compromising quality in our aerial video footage. Reach out to us today and relax as we make your 4k videos become a reality.

Aerial Survey

UAV Ontario Aerial Survey Services

If you are into agriculture and have vast land, you certainly know how hard it can be to keep track of crops. It may cost you a tremendous amount of workforce and resources, both of which may not do the job correctly. Nonetheless, it is an essential aspect of agriculture because if you fail to do it, you may miss problems that could result in severe losses.

An excellent way to get around this problem is to use a professional company like UAV Ontario that provides aerial surveys.  Our experts can help monitor your crops and make sure they are of the right height and condition. We also offer drone photography services that can provide you with a high-quality aerial image of your farm. This will help you spot areas that may be experiencing erosion that you need to deal with.

Using our georeferenced land survey, you can detect pests’ presence on your farm and quickly eradicate them before they cause any damage. We also offer you the option of viewing recorded footage or a live view of your land mass if you prefer. You also have the choice to choose both options, depending on what you feel will offer your business the best results.

When you choose UAV Ontario, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better crop health
  • Early detection of disease
  • Reduction of loses
  • Better crop yields

For any agricultural producer who is serious about increasing their yields, UAV Ontario is the best bet.

UAV photography Ontario

Enjoy the Most Refined 4K Images and the Best Services for Aerial Photography in Ontario

Whether you’re planning to use high quality, 4K images and videos in your online marketing, or if you want to set up a real estate presentation with high resolution imagery, the aerial photography solutions from UAV Ontario will provide you with everything you can possibly need.

Drone photography has never been easier with the high resolution cameras and highly advanced image stabilization technologies used by UAV Ontario’s experts to get that crystal clear set of images in almost any type of condition. So, instead of delaying your project because of windy weather, you can enjoy UAV photography at its finest and the best cinematic footage that any drone photography company can  provide you with at short notice.