At UAV Ontario we take safety seriously, with background in private and commercial aviation we consider all of the risks when flying our equipment on your site. We are fully licensed and insured and take all the necessary safety precautions throughout all of our operations. This includes site and work plan reviews, safety briefings, proper PPE, first aid, communications, site awareness and staff education on the potential hazards and how to report them in an efficient and timely manner.

UAV Ontario has an impeccable track record throughout our service as well as a formalized Safety Policy Statement (below) and a COM (Company Operations Manual) which is updated regularly.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

UAV Ontario strives to provide a healthy and safe environment for its workers, supervisors, managers, and guests. To achieve this, UAV Ontario has established a Health and Safety Program and is committed to maintaining and improving it as necessary. Workplace health and safety is a shared responsibility and therefore, we will collectively work together to see the success of this program.

We believe that all incidents are preventable, so our goal is ZERO incidents. Active participation at all levels will ensure that our goal can be achieved.

UAV Ontario is dedicated to providing proper and relevant employee training, job-specific safe work practices, personal protective equipment, operation and maintenance procedures, and safety guidelines that focus awareness on reducing the risk of incidents in all activities. Employees, contractors, and all working individuals must complete the Ontario Worker Health and Safety Awareness Course: https://www.go2hr.ca/resource-library/ohs-policy-template

UAV Ontario, employees, contractors, and all working individuals, are responsible for complying with all health and safety standards and regulations, including the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) governed through the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development.

UAV Ontario is committed to safe and sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations and therefore will review and update our safety program on a yearly basis to adapt to industry changes, trends, and requirements.

Updated: September 13, 2022

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