Reliable Drone Survey in Ontario

If you have a real estate property consisting of high-rise buildings, it can be a nightmare to get a proper Aerial view. If you decide to get the view with inexperienced hands, it could lead to a disaster. Instead of this, a better option will be to get a professional company for drone survey in Ontario like UAV Ontario.  

Drone surveys are faster and safer methods of getting aerial videos and images of structures. They don’t put anybody at risk, and the result is of higher quality than other typical options. However, even if you choose this method, you need a specialist to get the best results. 

UAV Ontario is a leader in the field of drone surveys in Ontario. Our experts can provide you with precise aerial surveys for your commercial and industrial development. These include site reports, inspections, and many others. 

Our specialists are well trained to fly drones in any condition or scenery. This means it does not matter where your structure is situated. You will get the kind of orthomosaic images you desire. We can output your project and imagery in various formats, including: 

  • JPG
  • LAS
  • XYZ 
  • DXF 
  • PDF Export
  • and more!

Using our georeferenced images, you can get an image that comes with real-world coordinates. This will make it easier for you and anyone else to locate your property via the images we provide. 

Would you prefer a video of your structure instead? Then fret not, as our experts have you covered. Our UAVs come with recent onboard image stabilization that helps in creating high-quality videos. 

Before we make the final cut, we will bring you the draft to determine the parts you want or don’t. By the time we are done, you will have excellent footages that will suit your needs. 

Contact us today for your drone survey in Ontario, and let us provide you with outstanding results!