Drone Mapping

UAV Ontario is experienced in executing missions with precise altitude, waypoints and points of view allowing us to fly the same flight with precise accuracy as many times and as often as needed. We can also complete a flight or series of flights to generate orthographic images of structures and/or orthomosaic photos of the areas of interest. Our orthomosaic photos can achieve 2 centimeter per pixel resolution or better and we can deliver the stitched 2D or 3D images as well as the raw image data.

Orthomosaic Mapping Road & Corridor Mapping


Modern technologies can easily provide drone survey/aerial survey for commercial or industrial development including progress reports, site surveys, site inspections, video, timelapse and more.

Video Surveys Site Surveys Project Progress


Our drones have on-board image stabilization to acquire exceptionally smooth video (4K and above) under a variety of difficult conditions. With our experience we will deliver truly cinematic footage which will be valuable and original assets in your final cut.

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We can provide single or orthomosaic images for virtually unlimited resolution allowing the client to see details of the site otherwise previously unattainable. The resulting files will be GEO tagged and compatible with Google Earth and other mainstream software.


UAV Ontario can provide drone video and photos for several construction applications including: site inventories, site inspections, site planning and survey.


UAV Ontario can provide aerial survey for farms and agriculture to gather erosion data as well as information pertaining to plant population, disease, flowering, pest detection, water tables and plant height and condition.

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Pre and Post Production

Once we have captured stunning footage for your site, UAV Ontario will complete the job by providing state of the art editing, titling and audio for your project. This can include site statistics, voice overs, background audio and more. Your storyboard will be prepared in advance and may include supporting video shot from the ground, using an electronic stabilizer (gimbal) for one of our cameras. The final product will be presented to the client for review and ultimately result in a final cut which can be published to YouTube, Vimeo or any other target medium you require.

Insurance Claims and Natural Disasters

Aerial drone photography and video is instrumental when evaluating or providing evidence in insurance claims for your residential or commercial properties. With low level vertical and oblique imagery the proper evidence can be provided for legal or insurance adjustment purposes. This can be overland water, roofing, structural or agricultural applications. These images can also be easily geo-referenced for extremely accurate reporting and analysis.

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