Drone Photography Markdale

UAV Ontario was tasked with an agricultural aerial survey of an 8 year old tree farm near Markdale, Ontario. Interestingly enough, this farm was to provide reforestation and habitat and was not a retail or commercial operation. It was important that we followed the elevation profile to ensure consistent reporting of tree height and density. Using a combination of Google Earth and our mission planning software, we were able to create a 3D elevation model along with a visual elevation profile to ensure a consistent and safe agricultural survey flight.

To achieve the best aerial survey possible, we performed 2 passes to effectively capture a grid of images for the client. We performed a 3rd pass with an oblique point of view for additional inspection. We also recorded several 360 degree panoramas of the property. As you can see from the site survey images above the Google satellite imagery was quite poor in this particular location, furthering the requirement for the high res imagery at this time. We hope we are invited back in 5 years time to see the progress of this reforestation. Please contact us to discuss and plan your next aerial agricultural survey or aerial property survey.